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The current time in Starling Academy is 11:12 pm.
Next new game day in: 0h, 11m, 48s (real time)

The newest student within the academy is: Oceanic; Aluma

Long ago before Petago Island was even formed, the mother mage herself called these grounds home.
She created the magical races that walk the lands this very day, from the fae to the undead.
However, soon she grew weary and rested from her labors. Most of her creations left the island,
off to explore magical lands and seek their fates. That is, all but one. A selkie alpha remained,
her most loyal companion. After several centuries together, he became a high mage and she decided
to honor him by bestowing their offspring with elemetnal magic and gifting what is now known
as the affintiy jewel.

A spark of high mage power for those who lead their kindred, a reward for
love and loyalty. This would be her final gift to the selkie high mage. And so, with this spark, the
shifters were created as well as the Starling Academy itself. A place for shifters to train and learn
their element as well as find their own paths. The academy is guarded by high mage magic, and that magic
binds you so you can't reveal what happens while you are there. Rainbow mist between the trees reveals a
portal, but you are only able to proceed towards the academy if you have an invitation to get through by
the high mage himself.

What element will you master?

Earth. - Air - Water -Fire

Today's weather is expected to be thundershowers.

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